Cinematography Sandbox

Random Everwood Clip

Directed by the talented Matt Shakman


Canon 7D Timelapse

I’ve been working playing around with the 7D and shooting time lapse. In this mode, I’m using the camera as a still camera, shoot in RAW (small) This file sizes are larger and I’m only able to get around 2200 frames on a 16GB CF Card. At 24fps, this translates to about 1.5 minutes of screen time. The sequences below were captured at 2 secs/frame. I converted the CR2 RAW files to 16-bit tiffs with DCRAW and imported them into Shake for grading and final output at 24fps. Looking at the RAW output from the 7D sensor can be very disappointing when you compare it with the output you get in movie mode and all its associated AVC compression. You quickly realize just how much range the Canon sensor is capable of producing and what you are losing when you shoot movie mode.

We often hear that these camera are a “game changer.” That would really be the case of we could shoot RAW in movie mode!